Please, Write your #Number; & Share Why You Did Not Vote For Hillary Clinton.

Please, Write your number;
& Share
Why You Did Not Vote For Hillary Clinton?
1) Clinton’s turns the IRS, into a ‘gestapo’
2) Who is covering Bill’s dirty deeds?
CH Pro
3) Clinton’s and their Looting of the White House

4) Filegate, FBI gathers files on GOP enemies


5) Hillary and her ‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’
6) Remembering Vince Foster’s death in 1993
vf hc

7) Emailgate: ‘She should like anyone else, go to prison for this’

hillary-clinton em
8) Chinagate: The Sale of Our high-tech secrets
9) Travelgate: You grease my palm and I’ll grease yours, yes there is always room for friends

10) Whitewater: How many friends went to jail, yet not Clintons


11) ‘Hillary said she “Landed under sniper fire’ in Bosnia” ((NOT!))

HC CC Under Fire

12) How does a Law-Firm Lose their Billing Records Hillary?

HC law f
13) Friends and Pardongate: Hillary – Senate contributions?

14) Hillary had a cash cow and 9,987 percent profit, so was this just a forerunner?


15) Clinton’s body counts: keep on counting ‘You find dead people’

16) The radical, Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton
clinton 003

17) The fact that Hillary Clinton laughed, about defending a child rapist

HC rape
18) Hillary Clinton ca$he$ in on how much and for how long with que$tionable Iranian fundrai$ing?
19) For the Clinton Foundation:
Clinton 4 sale
20) America, still demands’ the TRUTH About BENGHAZI!
21) Hillary’s theft of the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders

22) Hillary’s theft of the Nomination for New York Senet,

(ask a Newyorker if they voted for her?)
25) Hillary’s connection to Child Trafficking
and so much more showing us how deep to the dark side, she has gone,
26) The fact she brought her daughter along, down the deep path of this underground sin.
27) Her health?
29) All The Above
30) The 30 Pieces of Silver Question:
If your reason was not listed, “please Add” What yours was?
It’s a party, the more the merrier!
You Know She Would just LOVE to Hear From You All.

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